About Carle Publishing

Our purpose is to help our Client-Partners differentiate themselves from their competition. Our customized magazine and digital programs enable Client-Partners to “Own the Ink in their Industry”, and position themselves as a leading authority in their market. 

Meet Our Leadership Team

Andy Buyting
President & CEO

Andy’s Bio

Stacey Cowperthwaite
VP of Everything 

Erika MacLeod
Content & Managing Editor

Jessica Embree
Lead Designer

Carmen McKay
Lead Designer

Matt McQuinn - Director of Marketing

Matthew McQuinn
Director of Marketing

Allyson - Lead Designer

Allyson Chute
Lead Designer

Our Story

Carle Publishing (established in 2011) was based on an idea that Andy Buyting had conceived after the creation of a Home & Garden Magazine for his two retail Home & Garden stores. After seeing the huge success of his magazine, Andy quickly realized that it allowed him to “own the ink in his industry”. This marketing strategy allowed him to influence what his customers were reading about his industry and he soon found it branded him as a market leader.

Today, Carle Publishing works with companies all over North America to create magazines and other custom digital content like videos, e-newsletters, and audio clips that translate your ideas into meaningful editorial content, and positions your company as a thought leader in your marketplace.

We even do all the heavy lifting for you – from design, to content creation, target audience development and distribution. Our mission is to maximize your resources and help you reach your marketing goals.

Brand Promise

The success of our unique Client-Partner program is based on our 3E’s Brand Promises. Our 3E’s Brand Promises to our Client-Partners are that the program is:



Think publishing custom digital and print content is too much work? We make it easy for you and do all the heavy lifting! Give us just a few hours and we’ll publish and distribute an entire digital & print program branded to your company!



A customized digital & print marketing program will be a game changer for you, positioning you as a leading authority. The success of its effectiveness is measured by our annual Client-Partner retention rate, averaging over 91%.



By leveraging economies of scale in production and printing, we keep your investment low. Then by making it easy for you to secure few industry and/or local ads sponsors, you can subsidize some of your costs. We’ll show you how!