Becoming Credible

In your day-to-day life, you can easily build credibility with the people around you by the interactions that you have with them. In business, you build that credibility through working relationships and dealing with clients, customers, and business partners. Unfortunately, it’s more difficult to establish credibility for your business simply because time is at a premium. That’s why content marketing is so important.

The first type of content marketing that comes to mind for most people is digital. Digital, while important, is only the first of the three pillars of content marketing. The second, and arguably more valuable, is print. Credibility is added digitally through quick hits and bite-sized pieces of information. In print, it is conveyed through the ability to delve deeper into topics, allowing greater longevity for the content.

When considering print, there are two primary methods: publishing books and publishing magazines. For public speakers and thought leaders, books are essential. For b2b or b2c businesses, however, branded magazines are king. They let you keep in touch with clients and customers with regularity on ideas and topics where you and your company are the experts.

Branded print magazines are the new take on the newsletters of the past. They are modern, sleek, and well-produced, conveying a higher degree of professionalism and providing something people can tangibly hold in their hands.