How Outsourcing Can Make Growing Your Content Easy



by Andy Buyting, Carle Publishing Founder & CEO



For business owners, their number one problem typically isn’t money or knowledge. It’s lack of time. Between running the business, handling personal affairs, and delegating tasks, it can be a huge burden to add another thing to your list. Unfortunately, creating content to help spread the word about your business and become an industry thought leader takes just that: time. There is, however, one easy hack (among others) that can help make it simple, efficient and quick to create and distribute content.

“But how could that be true? If it was that easy, I would already know it,” I hear you saying out loud. The reality is, you probably already do know it and simply hadn’t considered it as an option. As a business owner, you have the knowledge to make great content, but you probably aren’t a writer. The easiest way to leverage that knowledge is to work with a ghost writer. Instead of laboring over an article for two hours or more, you can spend 10 minutes on the phone with a ghost writer who can get out a better written product much faster.

Ghost writers can be found in myriad places, including sites like UpWorks, Fiverr, and PeoplePerHour. Once you find one and negotiate terms with them, they can become an invaluable tool in your toolkit and can be leveraged for things that go even beyond content creation.

The downside? Once you have a ghost writer, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will also have a topic for them to write about. Just having the knowledge isn’t always enough to narrow down a topic. One suggestion I have is that you get together with your team and determine the 50 questions people ask you the most often about your field. From there, you have your topics. That’s going to be 50 topics you can build from.

Even better? Once your content has been written, you can easily transform it from articles into videos or podcasts, allowing you to reach an even larger audience than before. So ask yourself: What are you doing to leverage the knowledge you have into content that will draw people to you and your business?