Letting Go: The Freedom of Outsourcing Content

What would you do if you had to suddenly be responsible—personally—for every single aspect of your business? You had to deal with all your suppliers. You had to deal with the cleaning at night. You had to make all the sales calls, run the business, deal with the banks, handle all the clients, and everything else. Personally. Sound difficult and overwhelming? That’s because it would be. Handling the big picture and the moving pieces is one thing; trying to become the expert at every aspect of your business is another thing entirely.

That is precisely where many people go wrong when starting their print and digital content strategies: trying to take the reins and do everything themselves. Just as you hire sales professionals to handle sales and mechanics to repair your vehicles, you can outsource many aspects of your print and digital content to experts as well. Ghostwriting and design are the two simplest things to outsource. Simply work with an established writer and editor who can take your ideas and put them to the page the way you want them, and now it’s off of your plate.

After that, a great designer can lay the magazine out in the best way possible, allowing you to put yourself out there professionally without pulling your hair out trying to learn it all yourself (and often winding up doing a subpar job in the end, anyway).

A lot of people are afraid to let go of some of the power in producing their magazines. After all, if you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself. That couldn’t be further from the truth at this point. Many professionals operate solely in this space, handling outsourced design, writing, editing, and print work to help business owners like you get information out there in magazines, print, or e-books. Not only do you not have to do everything yourself, it’s almost certainly better to not even try to.

Look into outsourcing some aspects of your content strategy and projects. You will thank yourself later and be surprised with the results.