Leveraging Information to Maximize Your ROI

How to Maximize Your ROI

At its heart, success comes from knowing what you are doing. Marketing, on the other hand, is being known for what you know. Where these two concepts meet is the core of every business. Everyone is looking for a way to differentiate themselves, and that is where content marketing comes into play. By leveraging your knowledge, you are able to draw in customers and move them through the buying cycle.

Content marketing as a concept is built upon three pillars:

  1. Digital
  2. Print
  3. Interactive Marketing

The issue is not only including all three of these pillars in a marketing plan but also ensuring consistency across the three. Having one message coming out in print is not going to do you any good if your digital marketing and interactive marketing are sending entirely different messages. Consistency is the key to success in marketing, and by building consistency into your three pillars, you make the overall structure rock solid.

Another issue with traditional content marketing is knowing how to draw readers in to get them to take action. Craig Clemens is a content marketer who pushes the idea of formulating what he calls content A.R.C.S. This four-action plan is specifically designed to build on one another, resulting in real steps being taken by readers. The four actions are:

Ask a “yes” question that strikes at pain points.

Reveal that you’ve been there before and can relate.

Call out your discovery of a solution.

Send readers to do something with specific steps.

By doing this, you draw the readers in, then give them a clear call to action. Without a clear call to action, it is difficult to get a good return on investment (ROI) simply because readers have no next-step to take with the information they have received.

Maximizing return on investment is simply a matter of maintaining consistency, providing value, and knowing how to link disparate pieces of marketing together into one cohesive story.

  1. Optimize Your Referrals

There are many ways to optimize referrals, but some of the best ways are to feature your customer as the front cover story in your personalized magazine, send a care package to them, and send your magazine to their contacts. The two most important things to have in place are a website traffic generation process and an email capture strategy.

What return do you get from this? Customer loyalty, referrals through the magazine share, increased online traffic generation, and a significantly bolstered email list.

  1. Activate High-Value Prospects

Every business owner knows that landing one high-value prospect can be just as effective (if not more effective) than landing multiple average-value prospects. To activate them, you’ll want to feature the story of a high-value prospect, send them a care package, and integrate your web traffic generation strategy and email list capture strategy as previously mentioned.

In return, you give them value and start a dialogue with the prospect, potentially landing them as a client and driving online traffic to your site for bonus materials.

  1. Create Informational Articles

Informational articles are going to be your bread-and-butter as a content marketer. You will have a two-part strategy consisting of informational articles and informational advertisements that work together to hook and direct readers online. Again, this will generate web traffic and work with your email capture strategy. Content coordination with your website is an essential element here.

You will drive online traffic into your buying cycle and begin to get conversions, all while building your email list.

  1. Create Informational Advertisements

Informational articles and informational advertisements have the same requirements and a very similar return. The two work in conjunction with each other. Ultimately, for both, you will need to have something built into your website to handle the traffic you are sending there. This is usually going to consist of related content in the form of a specially designed landing page that has the sole purpose of converting the traffic you are sending from these two methods.

Tying It All Together

Utilize the three pillars of marketing in your initial content strategy. When designing individual pieces, think of the four ways you can maximize your ROI. Finally, make sure that you tie everything together and keep a consistent message. If your goal in an article, for instance, is to send someone a free white paper or to a contact page, you should already have a landing page designed specifically for that purpose on your website and you should be thinking of ways to collect information (email, phone number, name, etc.) at the same time.

Coming up with a valuable content strategy takes work. Then again, nothing valuable comes easy. You have the knowledge, you have the expertise, and we know how to help you share it.

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