Local Printers Are an Essential Untapped Resource

In a world where everything is not only increasingly outsourced (which isn’t a bad thing) but, more often than not, outsourced to somewhere far away from your actual physical location, sometimes it can pay to go local. Print work is a big contender for that case. When creating your print content marketing, working closely with your local printers can save you a ton of time and a ton of headaches. Not only that, but they can lend their expertise to you and guide you through the process in a way that simply isn’t the same over the phone or a hastily set up video chat.

Local printers will not only know your local market, but they can provide invaluable guidance as well. Much like outsourcing solves a lot of writing, editing, and design issues, working with a printer can help with paper size, type, layout, paper quality, and economics. They can also help with distribution. To wrap it all up simply: they provide you with the best techniques and advice to get you the product that you want—from the computer screen to a paper product.

Going beyond that, local printers give you the ability to check out proofs and products before they go into a large production run. Working with printers outside your local area will allow you to see a copy of what the magazine will look like in terms of layout, but there is something different about holding a proof in your hand and seeing how the light hits it and how it feels physically.

In terms of distribution, local printers can help you get your product to where it needs to be. This can either be done in-house on their part or, if they don’t have the resources to handle it, they will more than likely know who does and get you in touch with them. Leverage their expertise; that’s what they are there for.