According to an eMarketing Report, consumers today are now spending more time online than any other media outlet, which includes TV, print, radio and the like. Consumers, now more than ever, are using the internet to research solutions for their problems and validate the products and services they are purchasing.

There are four ways people consume content online — through the written articles, listicles, video and audio.

1.Written Articles

The written article includes tools such as blogging and whitepapers. Studies show that websites with valuable written content perform better than websites without content.

2. Listicles

Listicles are articles in list form. You can spot a listicle by their title — “The six ways to be more productive at your office” or “The eight habits highly successful people do every morning.” Easily consumed, they are extremely effective as the reader can scan the headlines and read only the details on concepts and points that pique their interest. And with the ever-increasing demand on people’s time, listicles have quickly become a preferred way to consume the written word online.

3. Video Creation

Cisco Visual Networking Index Forecast states, “Internet video will account for 79% of global internet traffic by 2020.” With video’s importance growing, it is becoming a powerful way to provide content. When consumers are viewing information through video, they are more likely to give it their full attention.

4. Audio Content

Audio content includes podcasts and free recorded messages. It’s an often-overlooked area of digital marketing — but it is currently disrupting the way society consumes content. A 2016 Edison Research report states that 21% of Americans ages 12 and up have listened to a podcast in the past month — that is the same amount of Americans on Twitter. Audio is also growing quickly as it is the easiest content to consume. It’s the only form of digital content that can be consumed while doing other activity (driving, exercising, and the like).