Share the Spotlight

When you’re putting together your content marketing strategy, one of the best ways to get some content out into the world, and also to help boost the confidence of your team, is to do a hack we call “Share the Spotlight” or insourcing.

Sharing the Spotlight is when you allow someone else on your team to be the expert contributor to whatever content you’re putting together. They don’t have to know how to write. That’s often the big fear. They just have to know what they’re talking about. Then pair them up with a ghostwriter that you’ve been working with and that you’ve sourced. Then there is a 10-minute phone call with a ghostwriter sharing their expertise on a specific subject.

The ghostwriter can write the article. However, your team, your peer, the person on your team will claim authorship and will claim the credit for that article; because at the end of the day, it is their ideas. They just had some professional help to help get their ideas out of their head and on paper or in a video or in a podcast.

So share the spotlight. It makes your workload much easier; it boosts the confidence and the engagement by your team, and it enables you to get some great content out into the world.